You will be a member of a club of artisans who share an enthusiasm for their work

What unites companies affiliated to #CraftCatalonia is that they do their work to a high quality and with love. We bring together artisans who work with rigour and whose output has a uniqueness that is immediately perceived by the senses.

We will support you in growing your business

We know how difficult it is to turn a passion into a profitable business, so we help affiliated craft enterprises to grow. Our support involves providing your products with greater visibility, increasing your customer base and enhancing the relevance of your brands.

You will get greater global visibility for your company and products

We take care of branding and digital marketing to attract potential customers to your business. We will also search for the target audience interested in buying craft products which are “Made in Catalonia”.

Reasons to register

If you have a company or cooperative that does quality work using traditional methods, you are very welcome at #CraftCatalonia. These are some of the reasons why you should join our community.

You will be supported by the FAAOC

#CraftCatalonia is a project by the Federation d’Associacions d’Artesans d’Ofici de Catalunya FAAOC. We bring to the platform the know-how that has resulted from more than 15 years of supporting the artisans of Catalonia in their development. The FAAOC is a pillar of association-building in Catalonia, dealing with artisan concerns and projects through 17 craft associations. We all all united in one voice and even if your views differ, you are very welcome to the Federation because together we are stronger.

We create opportunities and synergies for work on large projects

Craft enterprises are regularly in contact with each other (by virtual means or face-to-face). #CraftCatalonia is a directory and also a form of community dialogue for artisans to work together on projects that require it.

Are you interested in joining the #CraftCatalonia directory?

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